Monday, January 26, 2015

IRS gives guidance and deadline for alternative fuel incentives for 2014

Notice 2015-3 issued on January 16, 2015 provides taxpayers the process to make a one time claim for alternative fuels sold or used in the 2014 calendar year. Claims may be filed as early as January 16, 2015 but the official start date is February 9, 2015 and need to be completed by August 8, 2015. The Notice provides detailed information on how the 2014 claims are required to be filed. Claims will require using Schedule 3 of Form 8849, Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes. The taxpayer must claim the full amount using one single claim.

First time claimants who are not registered must file Form 637, Application for Registration, prior to making claims for credits. Persons intending to file the claim should seek advice from tax counsel or an accountant.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Energy Independence Summit 2015

Energy Independence Summit 2015
February 22-24, Washington, DC
Please join us at the nation's premier alternative fuels policy summit, where the nation's Clean Cities Coalitions and transportation energy leaders share best practices and educate federal policy makers about key strategies to overcome barriers to the widespread use of cleaner vehicles and fuels.
This year the event will be at the Washington Court Hotel on 525 New Jersey Ave NW, a short walk from United States Capitol.
Come January, the 114th Congress will be sworn into office. The 2015 summit presents a tremendous opportunity to inform new members of Congress about alternative energy projects in their districts that are creating jobs and contributing to energy independence in America.    

Highlights of the 2015 Summit include:
  • Washington insiders will share knowledge on how the new Congress will shape prospects for federal funding and incentives to promote alternative fuels, vehicles and infrastructure.
  • Senior federal agency officials from the Departments of Energy, Transportation, Defense, Agriculture, and EPA will discuss funding opportunities and policies to encourage increased use of alternative fuels.
  • State and local leaders will showcase innovative state and local policies and programs, which are advancing markets for cleaner fuels and vehicles;
  • Top transportation energy industry leaders will describe new technologies and market developments that are driving the alternative fuels industry forward.
  • On Capitol Hill Day, Clean Cities Coordinators and our industry partners will participate in more than 200 meetings with Congressional and federal agency officials. The day will culminate with a reception hosted by UPS and attended by key Members of Congress and staff.

If you have any questions regarding the Energy Independence Summit 2015 please contact  Lee Grannis at or call Lee at 203.627.3715.